A Mind When Stretched by a New Idea Never Regains its Original Dimensions!

Set in emblems of pure paradisiacal beauty, surrounded by awe-inspiring landscape, Delhi Public School, Leh, provides a highly conducive setting to transmit to the students a more tangible dimension of the lessons.

With the arrival of new information and communication technologies to schools, both new teaching methodologies as well as new versions of existing methodologies, now revised and updated for the digital generation, have emerged. New teaching methodologies are changing the educational environments around the world and driving better academic performance among students. It is clear we have entered a new era and as we look to the future, at DPS, we explore changes in our academic attentions and in our curriculum.

At DPS, Leh, we understand that opportunities to elicit change and spur creativity are endless and team DPS endeavors to bring forth the true value of learning, inspiring learners, and making education more relevant and empowering.

I wish Team DPS all the very best in their endeavors!

T. P. Singh
Pro-Vice Chairperson